Doc, aka "Doctor Blues"

- Keyboards/Woodwinds/Percussion/Vocals

Doc's musical career began as a cornet player in elementary school. By his senior year of high school, he had expanded into French horn and tuba, and had picked up sax and flute as well as piano. He was the student conductor of the Cincinnati Youth Symphony, appearing on local television and many concert performances. His love of musical theatre placed him in many pit orchestras for local productions, which turned into leading roles in "Oliver!" and "The Music Man". He attended jazz clinics throughout the Midwest, studying under jazz legends Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Ray Brown, and Wayne Cochran. Doc landed a full-ride scholarship at Brigham Young University in Music Education, where he specialized in theory and orchestration.

In the past, Spike played a Gibson ES335, Gibson Les Paul, and a Gibson SG, but more recently plays a Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster. Spike favors musical groups that compose great songs with tight harmonies such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Eagles and Van Halen, along with proficient guitar work such as Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore and Jeff Beck.


During his time at BYU–Idaho, The Groove performed and toured with the university’s premier jazz ensemble, Sound Alliance, and drummed for the university's vocal jazz group, Vocal Union. In 2009, he was was awarded First Place Outstanding Drum Soloist Award at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho. He also performed with the university’s premier symphony band and orchestra and instructed a collegiate student jazz combo. In 2011, The Groove was the drummer for "Deep Love: A Ghostly Folk Opera", produced by former American Idol contestant Jon Peter Lewis. Later, in 2015, "Deep Love" went on to premiere as one of ten shows featured at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

The Groove has had the opportunity to study under many accomplished drummers, including Dave Christiansen (Idaho Falls), Dave Taylor (BYU–Idaho), and Jay Lawrence (Snow College; BYU–Idaho). He enjoys listening to all types of music, but his favorite artists include Dave Brubeck, Count Basie, Fernando Ortega, Radiohead, and Jose Gonzalez.

The Groove also enjoys playing guitar and singing. He has volunteered as a counselor and campfire director at two children’s oncology camps in Idaho – Camp Rainbow Gold and Camp Magical Moments – and enjoys teaching his daughters how to sing and play the ukulele.

Spike, aka “The Golden Spike” - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Like his brother The Duke, Spike owes his love of music to his mother. His band experience began with a rock and roll band in high school with his best friends that was fairly successful. He also sang tenor in the high school choir and the Madrigal singers.

After graduating from college, Spike joined a choral group, which performed musicals and stage theater. His on-stage successes included the lead role in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and "Jesus Christ Superstar". Additionally he has performed selections from "Les Miserables", "The Phantom of the Opera", "Sweeney Todd", "1776", "Big River", "Little Shop of Horrors" and others.

After college, Doc played in a steady stream of dance bands, many of which featured the music of groups such as Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, Average White Band, Tower of Power, and Blood Sweat & Tears. His club band "Tempest" was one of the most in-demand acts in Utah in the early 80s. Since then, Doc has delved into smaller acoustic groups, more pit ensembles for theatre, and has orchestrated for and conducted studio session orchestras.

Doc's instruments include a Roland RD-300NX digital piano, an Alesis Quadrasynth, a vintage Yamaha PSR-510 keyboard, a Mendini custom alto sax, a Kessler custom-built deluxe tenor sax, an Armstrong orchestral flute, a Cecilio pocket trumpet, a PBone alto trombone, an assortment of Hohner Pro-Harp harmonicas, and a set of LP Aspire congas.

Baz, aka “Baz the Magnificent” - Guitar/Vocals

Baz started playing piano in grade school and graduated to the viola when he reached junior high.  In his freshman year at Jordan High School, he switched to guitar and the rest is history. His love of The Beatles led him to his first electric guitar: a 1964 Rickenbacker 450 that he still plays to this day. Baz has played in bands on and off ever since, in a wide range of styles from Surf to New Wave. He brings a diversified instrumental sound to the MR, with a plethora of guitars, including various acoustics and 12-string electrics. A fan of 60 cycle hum and a tube tone devotee, Baz uses vintage Fender amplifiers almost exclusively.  “It’s the only way to get that authentic sound…”

Duke, aka “The Duke” – Bass/Vocals

The Duke owes his love of music to his mom, who got him to join his younger brother and two sisters to sing “Carolina in the Morning” at a church talent show when he was 8 years old. Since then, he’s been singing in school and community choirs. He’s currently a baritone in the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir. He got the nickname “The Duke” as a result of singing the lead in the first song the Malibu Revue ever learned, “Duke of Earl”.

The Duke started playing guitar in high school in the 1960’s in California, during the golden age of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. He still plays his 1968 Fender Mustang bass. Back in the day, he played through a Fender Bassman 100 tube amp with the separate 4-10 cabinet. It weighed a ton, so his current amp is a retro Fender TV-15. Being such a big early Beatles fan, his favorite bassist is Paul McCartney.

"The Groove" - Drums/Vocals

The Groove has enjoyed a diverse career as  drummer, percussionist, and all-around musician. His love for music started at home, where his parents encouraged him and each of his siblings to learn piano and then to “choose a second instrument.” The Groove chose the drums. He graduated from Brigham Young University–Idaho with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, emphasizing in jazz studies, percussion, and music theory.

The Groove has performed with numerous groups, bands, and organizations. At an early age he began performing in community musical productions, including "Big River", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", and "Fiddler on the Roof". In high school, he performed with the Idaho Falls Symphony and was selected to perform with the All-Northwest Symphonic Band. He founded the Idaho Falls High School drumline “Synergy” and played in several rock bands with his friends, including the band Anodyne Red, which competed in and won several community talent shows and battles of the bands.

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